Joan Miró,  The Red Sun , 1950

Joan Miró, The Red Sun, 1950


Tangerine Journal is a wanderlust diary of sorts, in which a coterie of travel enthusiasts chronicle memorable experiences and tuck away notes for future adventures. It takes its name from the color of a small spiral-bound notebook that once accompanied our founder on her journeys, holding painstakingly outlined itineraries, packing lists, essential addresses, roughly drawn maps, and fleeting impressions. These days, for better or for worse, we've come to rely on our smartphones when navigating parts unknown to us, and with endless sources of travel inspiration available at our fingertips, we find ourselves constantly gathering and filing away travel ideas. Tangerine Journal serves as a modern-day extension of the little orange diary, and allows us to connect with like-minded travelers seeking beauty in places both near and far flung. We hope you'll find some inspiration for your next getaway. 

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